Executives are taking sustainability seriously

Top executives, including CEOs and corporate directors, are increasingly taking a hands-on approach to sustainability. "A lot of companies that are committed at the top are bringing the sustainability mindset into the strategy realm where it's not just talked about but played out," says Dave Stangis, vice president of corporate responsibility and chief sustainability officer at Campbell Soup Co.

Schools in British Columbia teach English to refugee students

Schools in British Columbia are working to address a language gap among new students who are Syrian refugees and may not know English before they enroll. One English-language-learning specialist shows videos to the students and has them summarize what they saw in writing and verbally.

Global stocks edge back from Brexit precipice
6/30/2016 Bloomberg

Global stocks continued to regain their footing for a second day Wednesday as confidence rose that leaders would find a way to tame the effect of the UK's Brexit vote. Adding to optimism were few signs of any practical effect from the referendum outcome and economists' predictions that the Bank of England would step in with more monetary stimulus.

Whole Foods, Nielsen team up on data analytics

Nielsen will provide analytics on point-of-sale, consumer and industry data for Whole Foods Market, under a new deal announced by the retailer Tuesday. The companies will work "to collaboratively create a customized natural and organic product hierarchy that will provide a comprehensive view of [the retailer's] product categories, including ingredient-level attributes...as a foundation for an expanded analytics and consumer-centric engagement," said Rob Hill, Nielsen's executive vice president of retail services.

Hospitals use geriatric EDs to improve care for elderly patients
6/30/2016 CNN

More US hospitals are creating geriatric emergency departments that are less chaotic than regular EDs to reduce stress on elderly patients and help ensure they get prompt and appropriate care. Medical experts said geriatric EDs may be able to reduce health care costs by more carefully assessing which patients need to be admitted to the hospital.

Facebook to give friends, family more prominence in news feed

Publishers will fade a bit and family and friends will be more prominent in Facebook users' news feeds as the social network tweaks its algorithm. Facebook says it is responding to complaints from users that important updates from friends sometimes go unnoticed, but the move is not likely to please publishers, which have been working hard to build their Facebook audiences.

Lands' End shows off its city chic in new Canvas spot
6/30/2016 MediaPost Communications

Lands' End's new "Portraits on Canvas" campaign showcases the brand's new Canvas fashion line with print and video spots starring stylish New York City women whose outfits incorporate Canvas pieces. The campaign and the Canvas line are part of a larger push by Lands' End CEO Federica Marchionni to redefine the brand as chic and urban.

Sen. Warren fears top US tech firms stifle competition

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., says the growth and latest acquisitions by Apple, Google and Amazon have stifled competition and innovation. Warren affirmed that the companies have a right to success, but added "the opportunity to compete must remain open for new entrants and smaller competitors who want their chance to change the world."

Merck, Moderna to collaborate on cancer vaccines

Merck and Moderna Therapeutics signed a partnership deal to develop and market mRNA-based cancer vaccines targeting patients' unique tumor mutations. Under the terms of the agreement, Merck will pay a $200 million upfront fee and get the option to equally share costs and profits for the global development of the vaccines if it exercises its right to pay an additional undisclosed fee to Moderna.

Amazon offers $50 rebate on cheap phones -- but ads come with them

Amazon is chopping $50 off the prices of a pair of low-end phones if Amazon Prime members are willing to watch ads and promotions on their lock screens. The phones -- Lenovo's Moto G4 and Blu Products' R1 HD -- come unlocked.

11 miles of Los Angeles River to be restored for $1.3B
6/30/2016 Courthouse News Service

Los Angeles has approved a $1.3 billion restoration project for 11 miles of the Los Angeles River. The project is a collaborative effort with the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Report: Obama to pledge for 50% clean energy by 2025
6/28/2016 The Hill

President Barack Obama is expected to set a goal for the US to produce 50% of its electricity through clean energy sources by 2025. Obama will announce the goal during an upcoming summit with Canadian and Mexican leaders, according to reports.

Southwest to launch cutting-edge reservation system
6/30/2016 Bloomberg

Southwest Airlines is updating the back-office technology behind its reservations platform as part of a $250 million overhaul. "After 30 years, we're going to have an up-to-date reservation system that will have much more robust capabilities for us to more tactically contemplate making changes to our business model," said CEO Gary Kelly.

Hotel spas offering jet-lag therapy

Travelers struggling with jet lag may now get some help from their hotel. Therapy, gel to relieve water retention and massages are among the options included in the jet-lag spa treatments at some hotels, some for an additional cost and some included.