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Playable ads are the next big thing for gaming, but are they ready for marketing primetime?

If your messaging to customers and prospective employees doesn't align, you'll have trouble hiring and retaining.

Top 10: A modern McDonald’s, Tyson’s protein plans, ALDI’s new US offerings

McDonald's new Chicago eatery, Tyson Foods plant-based protein plans, new products at ALDI US


Challenge the assumption that “professional distance” is a good thing.

Finding common ground

How to help students embrace and learn from their differences.


Not everyone wants to be agreeable, but you'll need to figure out how to work with them.

A student who is deaf gets confused during a lockdown drill. What his teacher did next.

Artificial intelligence can make brand campaigns better and more effective.

Insights from the UK Calorie Reduction Summit – and what they mean for US restaurants

CEO and founder of Healthy Dining Anita Jones-Mueller shares her insights from the recent UK Calorie Reduction Summit, including what UK restaurants can learn from the US about menu labeling, and what's on the horizon for US restaurants.

PBL in competency-based learning

Three lessons on integrating PBL into competency-based learning.

With a lower price point than major, Walmart's approach to streaming content looks to target rural consumers - but is the strategy a winning one?

Boost interest in beverages with on-trend iced coffee, sparkling water
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Offering on-trend beverages such as iced coffee, sparkling water and festive and flavorful cocktails and mocktails can help foodservice operators spark customer interest.

The power of infographics

Why infographics should be part of your content-marketing strategy—and how to do them right.

5 benefits of an online MBA
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Thinking of getting your MBA? Why you should consider an online program.