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Bringing customer communication into the digital age

From chatbots to voice technology, read about how food and beverage brands are adapting their communication strategies for today's digital consumers.

Tips for makerspaces, maker projects

This Tech Tip roundup offers ideas for makerspaces, maker projects, sketchnoting, more.


Even with these awareness-building efforts, there’s still a huge stigma attached to talking about mental health in the workplace.

Chefs say 86 these dishes, ingredients in 2018

Put down the pumpkin spice and step away from the jarred salad. Chefs weigh in on what trends to skip in 2018.

What’s trending? From distraction trends to Genius Hours, don’t miss these most-read stories.

Leadership potential

10 key steps you should be taking if you want to be a credible, influential leader.


Here are some questions to help you become a better listener -- and a better helpmate for your colleagues.

Holiday treats, news from In-N-Out drew SmartBrief readers this week

From holiday candy preferences to In-N-Out's expansion plans, see which stories were most popular among SmartBrief's food and beverage readers this week.

O&P professional at work

How a dynamic health care landscape and technological advancements are reshaping O&P practice

Karyn Schoenbart

Karyn Schoenbart on the challenges of leading and motivating in difficult times, and how she communicates throughout the organization as a CEO.

Q&A: Building a resilient workforce

Six ways to create a culture of resilience in your workplace.


Core values are more important to the vitality of the company than any financial goals.

Azoya graphic

Let’s compare Singles Day and Black Friday to spot emerging global retail trends.


The road from haughtiness to humility can’t be trodden without tears.

Last week's poll question: How effective is your organization at implementing effective measurement practices?