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Obituaries not only capture the essence of a person's life, but they can also offer questions of self-reflection for ourselves.

Business travel

Cultural differences abound in business, but breaches of etiquette aren't inevitable. You just need some cultural intelligence.


Authenticity is especially important in a world of curated, packaged social media. How are you doing the hard work of being authentic?

Last week's poll question: How actively do you seek to build personal resilience?


Many employees still equate professional “growth” with a promotion. Leaders need to reframe that conversation, especially when promotions and development funding are scarce.


What is it that makes Shari, Ben, Marie, Deanne and Cathy leaders? They see a need and choose to do something about it.


The coach’s mindset is multifaceted; in fact, it’s actually five different mindsets, all of which are required to enhance one’s ability to help others realize their potential, perform optimally and engage in continuous learning.

Career journey

10 questions to ask yourself when you find yourself stuck, stalled or getting in your own way.


Seeking innovation in frustration is an evergreen method of creating change. And there’s one other benefit: It keeps you from feeling sorry for yourself.

Last week's poll question: How well does your organization assess its own capabilities versus competitors?


MatchaBar CEO Graham Fortgang explains why the company is more than a business and why it's focused more on CPG than stores.

The leader’s job is to get results through others. Be that person, not someone who's focused on either peace or power at the expense of improvement.


What CEOs should expect to hear from a coach.


Next year is too late for wholesaler-distrbutors that don't make decisive changes in 2018, an MIT supply chain expert warns.

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Both dispatch and EMTs are saving lives with high-resolution aerial maps that guide decision making though precise location content