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Last week's poll question: What's the biggest challenge you face in taking your career to the next level?

Rock star

Teams need high-visibility, high-stakes performers, but they also need people who are more comfortable in the background, supporting others.


Last week's poll question: How do you allocate your time and energy across your team members?


There are dozens of ways “I already know” manifests. For example, “I already know what he will say, and “I’ve already tried that a dozen times.”


Why is it so hard to connect with those whom we spend most of the day?


People want to be a part of something when it’s moving forward. You can’t kick-start a car, or a company, without momentum. So get moving.


Culture matters, and it still needs executive buy-in. But we’re too often thinking of “culture” as a singular instead of a plural.


Reboarding is about priming managers to succeed in today’s workplace, not just the workplace they were trained into years or even decades ago.

Gordie Howe

Great athletes who take to their fame and status with humility can be tremendous role models.


Last week's poll question: How important is it for a leader to have a good sense of humor?


What are your values? You need to articulate them before you can reorient your life.

If you want to fuel the growth engine of your organization, help your team find purpose in their work. Identify the passions of your people and assign work roles accordingly.


The key isn’t to avoid fear. It’s to recognize, attack and wrestle it to the ground. Sure, you’ll get scratched up. But you’ll also learn some valuable lessons in the process.


You know how to make casual conversation, right? Then you're already on your way to great public speaking and presentations.

Tin Man

If there's one essential characteristic a leader must have to thrive, it is having heart — heart for the team and for the business.