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Is your business making these common data analysis mistakes?


How marketers can form effective partnerships with social influencers who have large followings.

Influencer collaboration

Take influencer marketing up a notch by co-creating products.

Quaker Oats

Data is no longer just the thing that gets measured at the end of a campaign. It is redefining creative.


Is it really a good idea to create multiple Facebook pages for different locations of your brand?

Amazon, AI and customer experience: Tech trends from 2017

From Amazon, to AI, to customer experience, read about the trends from 2017.


Here are the questions to answer before starting a content marketing project.

School bus

Back-to-school is its own season, extending through the fall months and giving way to the winter holidays.

Budweiser's subtler "Born the Hard Way" ad won over survey respondents.


Data is the air that marketers breathe, yet it’s not always clear how to approach it.

9 lessons in content marketing

Tips and takeaways for producing meaningful content from this year's Content Marketing World.

Adweek panel

Authenticity may seem intuitive for brands but it is not quite that straightforward.


If you are one of the many advertisers who received an email from Google on Aug. 29 email about ad rotation, you are probably wondering what exactly this means.


The ad-tech industry is experiencing two distinct and opposing trends.

Medical record

All industries need a sound cybersecurity strategy and incident response plan, but that is especially the case for health care given that instances of data breaches are on the rise.