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The Do’s & Don’ts of loyalty marketing

Loyalty marketing needs in-depth read-outs, consistent and meticulous attention to the small minutiae of customer interactions across complicated channels.

As more and more consumer activity moves to social media, it’s clear that social media IDs should be linked to the CRM for a truly complete customer view.

Customer service
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The right automation tools can help customer service agents provide a highly customized and efficient solution while meeting expectations in an increasingly personalized world.

What if we know too much about who our target audience is—and not enough about who they are not?


How to gain insights from data and launch a career in data measurement.

Social media

Social intelligence gives the business development team real insights about prospects.

What’s next for programmatic advertising?

Programmatic is helping advertisers leverage their data to make ads more tailored to individual users.

Woman smelling flower

"Scent marketing" can send a signal to consumers about what they may like to consume or experience.

Contract signing

We need to demand clarity from companies and government to instill simplicity in our daily lives.

Credit cards

Too often in marketing, customer acquisition cost is overlooked, misunderstood and sometimes, purposely ignored.

Cloud computing

Advertisers should get prepared for increasing challenges around fraud as cloud computing grows further.

Eating Well

The popularity of digital native has carried over to most major media, including print magazines.


Smart marketers are getting ready for a major transformation in customer loyalty programs, all thanks to blockchain technology.


Here's a step-by-step guide for how to handle your next social media crisis.


The key to delight and connection with the average consumer is understanding intent and developing intelligent content.