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Report Metrics page

This page displays SmartBrief’s advertising report metrics and terminology. Take some time to learn about the metrics we offer and the type of information you can gather from your advertising reports.
SmartBrief Report Metrics & Terminology
Ad Impressions or Ad Opens
Total number of times an ad, or group of ads, was displayed in a SmartBrief newsletter.
Ad Impression Rate or Ad Open Rate
Percentage of the total emails sent where an ad impression/ad open was counted.
Calculated as:
Campaign name corresponds to a specific product purchased over a set period of time. A single campaign can include multiple fixed placements booked in a single newsletter and section, one or multiple dedicated sends or exclusive email sponsorships, or a set number of impressions targeted at a subset of the SmartBrief audience.
Total number of times hyperlinked text or images were clicked.
CTR (click through rate)
Percentage of impressions served that resulted in users clicking on an ad.
CTR is calculated as:
Total number of times a SmartBrief newsletter was opened.
Open Rate
Percentage of sent emails that were opened.
Open rate is calculated as:
Order name corresponds to the contract under which advertising inventory has been reserved. Each order can include multiple unique campaigns.
The location within a SmartBrief newsletter that an ad was served. Each newsletter contains one Leaderboard ad slot and up to six news sections, each of which can be sponsored.
Total number of SmartBrief newsletters sent.
Advertising Campaign Types
An impression-based campaign, set to deliver a contracted number of impressions over a given time period. Typically, these campaigns are targeted across several publications and are paced evenly over several weeks or months. Ads within impression-based campaigns are served into open ad space within a newsletter and are placed into the highest available ad slot.
Dedicated Send (DS)
A stand-alone promotional e-blast to the audience of one SmartBrief newsletter, with 100% of the message content coming from the advertiser. The advertiser provides the HTML for the send and controls the look and feel of the message
Featured Content (FC)
Featured content campaigns provide advertisers exclusive ownership of an entire SmartBrief newsletter section. Featured Content has multiple ad formats and the section can be customized with the advertiser’s logo and a unique section name.
Fixed Placement (FP)
An ad that is scheduled in a specific section of a newsletter on a set date. A fixed placement is shown to every reader who opens their copy of the newsletter on that date.
Special Report (SR)
SmartBrief editors supplement the daily newsletter with a one- or two-part send on a topic related to trending news or industry events. Special reports are exclusively sponsored using a combination of IAB standard banner ad placements and native text formats.
Spotlight sends are advertorials that include branded content from our advertisers supported by relevant news and information summarized by the SmartBrief Content Services team. Spotlights are stand-alone sends to a SmartBrief newsletter audience.