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Joyce Wilson-Sanford

Joyce Wilson-Sanford has more than 25 years of professional experience in progressive and bold global organizational development work at the C-suite level. She is retired after her most recent role as executive vice president Of strategic organizational development with the Delhaize Group, now Ahold. In that position, Wilson-Sanford designed succession planning, created a high potential global program, and instituted a global leadership college. She was integral to acquisition work, as well as cultural due diligence and synergy work. Wilson-Sanford executed self-managed leadership development groups, introduced OD principles, values, and methods across nine companies, as well as developed over 25 CEOs. 

She has two books in draft, “OD Maven” and “CEO Note to Self: The Blind Spots of Power.” Wilson-Sanford and a colleague share a podcast about their OD/HR success, failures, methods and hacks, which will be released in late summer/early fall 2020. Email her and check out her website..

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