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3 resources for busy online marketers

Stephanie Miller from Return Path was one of five esteemed panelists at last week’s Buzz2009 webinar on the magic behind viral marketing. Her insights and expertise in e-mail marketing shone brightly in that discussion among social media mavens led by Twitter guru Guy Kawasaki. It makes sense, too, since e-mail is the original social networking tool.

There was lots of interest in the room and beyond in using e-mail to position companies well for firestorms of buzz, sales and cred.

As a follow-up, Stephanie was kind enough to offer three resources for e-mail success:

  • Know if your e-mail reached the inbox.  Messages blocked by the spam filters do not earn a response. Period. Find out if your messages are reaching the inbox consistently by tracking your sender reputation.  Free snapshot at
  • Calculate the cost of missing e-mail. About 20% of legitimate, permission-based marketing email never reaches the inbox.  Calculate the cost of this to your business with this free tool.