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Andy’s Answers: 3 people you should be earning love from every day

Who are you worried about earning the respect, the recommendation, and the all-out love from every day? If you’re just focused on one or two groups, you’re missing out on some excellent word-of-mouth opportunities.

Who to focus on:

  • Your customers. Every single day, you’ll be rewarded by focusing on making friends out of customers. Earning their love means free advertising, forever.
  • Your employees. The best companies in the world are driven by the relentless love and passion of their employees. When your staff loves and believes in what they do, you can do anything.
  • Your competitors. No business can solve every problem for every customer — they’re always referring folks to other companies they believe in. What have you done to encourage competitors to send them your way?

Image credit, BlackJack3D, via iStock