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Andy’s Answers: 3 quick ways to use social media to promote your restaurant

Recently I wrote a series of tips to create buzz for your restaurant using some great offline tools and tactics. Once you’ve found the topics that are consistently generating some fantastic word of mouth, you’ve got an opportunity to head online to take it to the next level. Here are a few quick tips mixing several core social media platforms to expand the buzz.

What to do:

  • Say thanks on Twitter. When folks say nice things about you on Twitter, you’ve got 140 characters to say a quick thanks back — and your talkers will love to hear from you. For an awesome example, check out what PF Chang’s did.
  • Share deals on Facebook. Use Facebook to share a few deals, coupons, and special events. Whenever a fan takes action on your page or registers for an event, it’s instantly shared their network of friends.
  • Bring fans together on YouTube. If your fans are creating and sharing some great videos about you on YouTube, create a channel where you can compile the videos, offering a central place to see them all.