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Andy’s Answers: 3 tips for creating and promoting your blog from Social Media Explorer Jason Falls

We’re interviewing a bunch of brilliant word of mouth marketers as previews for the Word of Mouth Supergenius conference in Chicago on Dec. 16.

In this interview, Social Media Explorer Jason Falls shares his tips for creating and promoting your blog:

  • Blaze your own trail. You don’t have to listen to all of the advice from the big-name bloggers. Don’t worry about following the crowd, especially if what they’re selling doesn’t apply to your blog.
  • Set your own goals. Focus on your core audience and build a content strategy that gives them little nuggets of information that they can get excited about.
  • Don’t get caught up in technical details. You shouldn’t let the techy stuff like SEO prevent you from getting started — but a basic understanding of these topics is helpful, and there are lots of freely available resources out there.