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Andy’s Answers: 3 ways a small business can use Twitter

In just a few minutes a day and without adding more staff, a small business can use Twitter as an excellent starting point toward fantastic social media. Once you’re going, you can then determine if adding blogs, fan pages, or other social media elements are right for your business. And while Twitter presents tons of opportunities for tiny organizations, here’s just a few to get you thinking.

What to do:

  • Use it as home base. Because a Twitter account is easier to start and maintain than other social networks, Twitter can be a great “home base” for a small business with limited staff and resources.
  • Get market research. There is no faster way to get feedback for your ideas, word of mouth topics, or new products than what you’ll find from your fans on Twitter.
  • Find leads. By setting up a couple of Twitter search feeds, you can find people talking about your industry’s key terms in real time — making Twitter an efficient way to find leads your competitors might be missing.