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Andy’s Answers: 3 ways to use social media to wow your fans and customers

Social media gives brands bigger opportunities than ever to do incredibly awesome, buzzworthy things for their fans. Even better, it’s also made it much easier for fans to instantly share these stories with the world and spread tons of word of mouth.

Here are some ways you can use social media to surprise and delight:

  • Pay close attention: Social media gives you the opportunity to show your fans you appreciate their feedback. You just have to be vigilant. For example, when PF Chang’s noticed a guest tweet a recommendation from their restaurant, they acted fast by thanking her with a complimentary dessert. That kind of amazing customer service is what turns casual social media fans into loyal customers and advocates.
  • Make a fan’s dream come true: Taco Bell got lots of love for agreeing to make a logoed swimsuit for a high school diver who posted on their Facebook wall. Another example: When BMW heard about a crazy concept car of theirs dreamed up by a four-year-old, they shared a mock up on their Facebook page. Both companies could have just replied politely or simply ignored these odd fan requests — instead, they made them into word of mouth opportunities.
  • Give them the spotlight: Social media gives you a great opportunity to show off the people who love your stuff. For example, Ben and Jerry’s used an Instagram contest to make their fans famous by featuring the winner’s photos in Ben and Jerry’s ads all over their hometowns. That not only gave their fans something to talk about, but also everyone in town who knew them.

Share your story with us in the comments: How have you used social media to do something fantastic for your fans?