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Andy’s Answers: How to bake word of mouth into your DNA

Word of mouth is a philosophy, not a tactic. It’s more than blogs and Twitter and stunts and fan pages — it’s something you build into everything you do.

The companies with the best word of mouth have declared that earning the respect and recommendation of fans is a core goal. Word of mouth is baked into the DNA of these brands, and they’re continually rewarded with fans who do their marketing for them, for free, forever.

How to begin baking WOM into your DNA:

  • Take it to 50,000 feet. Earn buy-in from your executives by showing them how word of mouth is more than gimmicky videos and one-off stunts. Show them how you’re increasing profitability, loyalty, and bringing in revenue.
  • Take it to 50,000 people. Get everyone behind the brand looking for opportunities to earn a recommendation with astonishing service. Show them how their little efforts here and there really add up, and celebrate big when a front-line employee goes above and beyond.
  • Make it last for 50 years. Make your word of mouth last by focusing on long-term, sustainable, and scalable strategies. Create communities, earn the permission to contact your fans, and avoid one-off stunts by always asking: What’s next?