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Andy’s Answers: How Boeing humanized their brand through social media

Shifting your brand’s voice from technical and formal to personal and interesting is no small task, but over the past year, Boeing has used social media to do just that.

Todd Blecher has played a big part of that, and in his case study at our recent BlogWell event, he discussed how they’re making this shift. A few of his key points:

  • Focus on your people. An efficient way for Boeing to move from a technical and formal tone to more personal interactions was to feature their people and the work they do. Through blogs and their interactions on Twitter, Boeing is shifting the focus from planes to the talented people who put those planes in the sky.
  • Add sharing tools. A simple way Boeing has seen a significant spike in the spread of their content is by adding tools that allow readers to share Boeing’s content with their networks on Twitter and Facebook. One story alone, Freezin’ in Florida, has had 50,000 views — thanks in large part to these sharing tools.
  • Big shifts in your voice take time. Boeing isn’t throwing away years of culture to be “hip” on Twitter, they’re opening new channels to better share their existing culture. Social media is helping them create an evolution in their communications — a noticeable, but manageable shift.

And if you like this case study, check out our upcoming BlogWell in Chicago on Aug. 11.

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