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Andy’s Answers: How Chevron is using LinkedIn to target decision-makers

When we talk about social platforms, Twitter and Facebook still tend to dominate the conversation. But over on LinkedIn, brands are starting to have some real success creating groups and connecting with key influencers.

In his BlogWell presentation, Chevron’s Jeordan Legon took us behind the scenes of the company’s LinkedIn strategy that’s led to 55,000 followers of the company profile page, more than 12,000 group members and a top 20% ranking in engagement among all groups on LinkedIn.

A few of Legon’s lessons on how the company did it:

  • Do your homework. Legon and his team started by researching what their target audience — energy leaders and employees — wanted to discuss and discovered they were looking for news, trends and technologies. Basically, they were looking to be the first to know about any industry developments.
  • Set the guidelines. When Chevron first took ownership of its LinkedIn group (an employee had originally started it), it was full of spammers and recruiters. One of the first things they did was establish clear discussion guidelines and, as a result, created a safe space for energy leaders to come together.
  • Start with the low hanging fruit. Legon and his team started building their group’s membership by inviting employees to join and also through promoting the group from their corporate site at

Watch Legon’s case study. Slides are available.