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Andy’s Answers: How Clorox increased community engagement with gaming strategies

Clorox needed to increase the scale and quality of their innovation resources. It had a small research and development force but needed to frequently offer new, high-performing products across a plethora of brands. The answer to their problem was a three-sided network called CloroxConnects, meant to engage employees, consumers and external experts.

But Clorox soon found the adage “if you build it, they will come” wasn’t exactly true. Though encouraged by early success, it wasn’t until implementing some gaming strategies that they saw participation really take off.

A few big big ideas from Greg Piche’s case study he presented at BlogWell:

  • Different things motivate different members. While internal employees are motivated by the opportunities for visibility, such as position titles or their own employee blogs, external experts were motivated by the chance to meet with Clorox technology brokers.
  • Leaderboards work. Because a key goal of CloroxConnects is to offer visibility to members, they use leaderboards to encourage participation. Additionally, they also have an “I was here” leaderboard to support people who frequent the community.
  • You don’t need monetary rewards. Greg’s team only uses rewards that don’t cost anything. While some of their rewards are very real, such as management titles and conference calls with technology brokers, they didn’t have the budget for monetary rewards. As it turns out, they didn’t need it.

And if you dig this presentation, you might check out our upcoming BlogWell events in Cincinnati (April 7) and Seattle (May 5).

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