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Andy’s Answers: How Coca-Cola is connecting fans all over the world

We’re interviewing a bunch of brilliant word of mouth marketers as previews for the Word of Mouth Supergenius conference in Chicago on Dec. 16.

In this interview, Adam Brown, Coca-Cola Group Director, Digital Communications, shares a few tips based on the case study he’ll be presenting:

  • Fish where the fish are. Coke is focusing on putting content where the fans are by sharing everything on Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, Orkut, etc.
  • Learn to sell these big ideas as internal partnerships. Coke’s Expedition 206 is a partnership of marketing and communications. It’s a new concept at Coke, and probably at any company — and one of the biggest challenges of new media is internally determining where to host these activities.
  • Start using these new tools yourself. Get a feel for them by just trying them out. The vast majority of them are free, and your testing might be where some great new ideas come up.

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