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Andy’s Answers: How Coke is taking their brand around the world with Expedition 206

My company, GasPedal, recently hosted BlogWell: How Big Brands Use Social Media in Atlanta. Our presenters represented some of the world’s biggest brands, all sharing how they’re using social media. We’re gearing up for our next BlogWell in San Diego on February 16 — featuring case studies from Starbucks, Clorox, USAA, Intuit, Avery Dennison, Community Medical Centers, State Farm Insurance, and the U.S. Navy — and as a preview, I’m sharing some of my favorite big ideas from Atlanta.

Coca-Cola’s Group Director of Digital Communications, Adam Brown, dived into the strategy and ideas behind Expedition 206 — Coke’s journey in which three ambassadors are taking the brand and social media to every country where Coke is sold (which turns out to be greater than the number of members of the United Nations).

  • Fans love to help. Instead of creating a comprehensive agenda for each of the 206 countries, Adam’s team turned the task over to fans who are helping by suggesting activities for the three ambassadors to do in each nation on their journey.
  • Use content that knows no language boundaries. Being a global company, Adam and his team at Coke strive to share content that their fans can enjoy regardless of language or culture, like photos and videos.
  • Find partners for big projects. Though enrollment for applications were open to anyone, Coke quickly learned that only about 10 nations let their citizens travel to 206 countries. To help find more qualified applicants and to promote the journey, Coke partnered with a few outside organizations to find people who were eligible, such as people who had dual citizenship.

See the live presentation here:

[vimeo 8124736]

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