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Andy’s Answers: How Community Medical Centers is getting its leaders involved in social media

In her BlogWell San Diego case study presentation, Community Medical Centers Director of Marketing and Communications Michelle Van Valkenburg explained how they got their internal thought leaders engaged in social media.

As a major health care brand, they’ve got a lot of smart folks with valuable ideas — and sharing all of those ideas can really help them stand out. The challenge is getting these busy thought leaders involved.

A few of Michelle’s big ideas:

  • Focus on the individuals who want to participate. Michelle says sometimes an internal thought leader isn’t interested in blogging — and that’s OK. They don’t spend a lot of energy trying to convince those that aren’t interested, they just focus on those that are.
  • Corporate leaders are often community leaders, too. When you get these leaders involved, they often bring with them their followers of peers and employees. This helps create an instant network of readers.
  • Ghost writers don’t work. Michelle says that they don’t use ghost writers and that she doesn’t recommend it. But they do provide grammatical help and statistics to support their leadership bloggers.

Watch the live presentation:

And if you dig this presentation, check out our upcoming BlogWell event in Seattle on May 5.

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