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Andy’s Answers: How do I find fresh word of mouth ideas?

Coming up with new, fresh word of mouth topics is easy if you know where to look. While there are some talented agencies out there who can help, a lot of fresh content is probably already under your roof — you’re just not looking in the right places.

Before you go spending money on a big campaign, explore the content you’ve already got and find ways to make it easy to share.

Where to look:

  • Your R&D department. A great place to find fresh content to share is where all your behind-the-scenes testing takes place. DuPont created a series of science videos based on their test footage. One of the biggest viral campaigns of all time — Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” series — began with a stroll through their R&D facility.
  • Your front lines. Get fresh ideas for starting conversations by getting closer to your customers. Answer the phones, work the registers, and look for opportunities to interact those who use your stuff every day.
  • Your fans. Take your quest for topics outside of the company and ask your fans for help. Make it easy for them to share their ideas and offer improvements to what you’re already doing. When you ask nicely, you’ll find fans are glad to help.