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Andy’s Answers: How do I stand out in the social media job market?

When everyone’s a social media expert, it might feel impossible to stand out in a crowded job market. But the employers worth working for know there’s more to social media than having a zillion followers and a self-appointed status.

How to stand out:

  • Prove you love it. You can learn the specifics and details of social media as you grow into your position, but nobody can teach you to love it. Prove your passion by volunteering to build and manage a social media program — even a small one — for your favorite local charity. Do it well and you’re suddenly in top 99th percentile of all the “social media experts” out there.
  • Make smart connections. You don’t have to have thousands of Facebook friends or millions of Twitter followers, but it never hurts to earn a few friendships from some of the respected folks in social media. Great ways to do this include starting a blog worth linking to, attending a few industry events or — because most folks worth knowing in social media are nice — politely introducing yourself online.
  • Proofread. Just like any gig, the fundamentals still matter when applying for a social media job. Typos, unpolished resumes and a weak cover letter are always hard to overlook when companies are searching for fresh talent.?

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