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Andy’s Answers: How do I stay in touch with my fans?

You can’t have long-term word of mouth without an ability to regularly communicate with your fans. It’s how you tell them about new stuff you’re working on, it’s how you get their ideas on what you could do better and it’s how you build on the relationships you’ve already established with them.

How to keep in touch:

  • E-mail newsletters. E-mail is the only advertisement your customers request. With their permission, you can e-mail your fans hundreds of times a year with news, updates and relevant content that they can then share with their networks.
  • Communities. Give your fans a place to network and share ideas. Not only does it make it easier for them to create lots of conversations, but it also gives you a way to quickly communicate with your followers.
  • Live events. Big or small, live events are still the best way to bring everyone together and re-energize your fan base. The Fortune 100, nonprofits and political parties all use them to connect with their fans and share news.