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Andy’s Answers: How do we get better online product reviews?

Grouchy customers are quick to complain on review sites. But the happy customers–the other 99%–don’t think to do it. Create a program to systematically ask them to post a review. Make it easy by sending links to review Web sites. Don’t insist on positive reviews (that’s sleazy), but don’t worry, because most people are happy to help. The biggest benefit: Your fans want to help you, and they’ll appreciate you asking.

What To Do:

  • Monitor. You should know what is being said about you every day. Track customer reviews as closely as any other marketing.
  • Ask. Happy customer will be glad to post a review–if they remember. Ask it in the receipt, at the cash register, in follow-up emails.
  • Thank. Every time you see a positive review, send them a quick thank-you. Reward behaviors you want.