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Andy’s Answers: How to engage your Facebook fans

Facebook is one of the best environments to establish and grow a fan base of highly connected, active talkers. The numbers of Facebook’s potential reach are astounding: If you’ve got 1,000 fans, and they’ve each got 100 friends, you’ve got the potential to reach 100,000 people with the personal recommendation of a friend. If you’ve already set up a group or fan page, start engaging these fans to grow the group and spread some serious word of mouth.

What to do:

  • Share exclusive content. Give your Facebook fans a sneak peek, an early sample, or access to private updates to help make them feel like a real group of insiders.
  • Give them a deal. Not only will a special discount generate a lot of buzz within the group, but when they use it, they’ll share it with the rest of their Facebook network — potentially bringing in a bunch of new fans.
  • Commit. There are thousands of new Facebook groups and fan pages started every day. To stand out, you’ve got to earn new fans and repeat visitors with great content regularly.

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