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Andy’s Answers: How ExOfficio is creating social-media content that drives engagement

ExOfficio is a high-end retailer of outdoors clothes that prides itself on having a unique personality — for example, employees often go salmon fishing behind their offices on their lunch breaks. The company is growing a strong online fan base and has been experimenting with various types of content to find what drives the most engagement.

In his recent BlogWell presentation, ExOfficio’s Kenny Rowe took us behind the scenes of their content strategy and shared a bunch of tips on what’s creating conversations among their fans. A few of his favorite forms of content:

  • Interesting and relevant links. ExOfficio often shares links that their fans and followers are likely to find useful. They test a range of topics and use tools like to track which types of content get the biggest response.
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at their culture. Fans love a peek at the personality and the people that drive the brands they love. In one example, Kenny shared how one of the most popular things they’ve ever shared were photos from their company’s Halloween party.
  • Product information. Kenny says it’s just fine to share product information and sales messages through social media. Their fans appreciate notices on upcoming sales and love the special coupons and insider deals.

And if you like this case study, check out our upcoming BlogWell in Chicago on Aug. 11.

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