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Andy’s Answers: How a focus on word of mouth changes your business

When a company focuses on earning the respect and recommendation of their customers, it fundamentally changes the way a business operates. You become obsessed with the individual customer experience, you learn how rewarding it is to engage with your fans, and you find yourself, bit by bit, doing your part to make the world a little more pleasant to be a part of. And above all, you see why it’s more fun to work at a company people love to talk about.

What happens:

  • Things are nicer. When you’re focused on earning word of mouth, you empower your employees to deliver awesome service, to take extra care of your customers, and to challenge your business to be better every day. This proves to be more fun and more profitable than the alternative.
  • You can simplify. Everything boils down to the key question: “Would anyone tell a friend about this?” If not, is it really worth doing?
  • You’ve got more to spend on what counts. When you see how effective your fans are at bringing in your new customers, you can divert all the money you once spent on advertising into making your product and experience better — creating a powerful cycle leading to more word of mouth from more happy fans.