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Andy’s Answers: How to get great testimonials in 15 minutes

Earlier, I wrote about what a fantastic sales tool a great testimonial can be and how the best ones are short, specific, and from influential sources.

This time, we’re talking about how to quickly capture this love from fans that you can use on your Web site, your brochures, and your newsletters.

Quick ways to get testimonials:

  • Put fans on camera. A quick, authentic video testimonial can be a powerful motivator for a new customer. Whether in your store or at your events, be ready to interview anyone who wants to offer some praise.
  • Ask on Twitter. If you’ve earned friends on Twitter, they’re a great way to get a nice, short testimonial you can use. For an example, check out how FreshBooks did it.
  • Call happy customers. Sometimes, a good old-fashioned phone call is the best way to find out what you mean to customers. Start by asking if they’re happy with their service, and if they say something nice, ask if it’d be OK to use it as a testimonial.

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