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Andy’s Answers: How to get started in social media

Where do we start? It’s the No. 1 question for a company looking to get involved in social media. With no less than a billion different conversations taking place on nearly as many different platforms, it can feel overwhelming. But the trick involves baby steps and avoiding the temptation of trying to be everywhere at once. Instead, focus on the few places you can be great.

What to do:

  • Listen. Start by listening to and tracking the relevant conversations taking place. This will give you a feel for what people are saying and the etiquette of the platform.
  • Respond. Start participating wherever the conversations are taking place. Show gratitude for nice comments, and do your best to clarify or fix problems when people are upset.
  • Initiate. Now that you’ve got a feel for social media and the discussions taking place, start your own blog or forum and invite the conversation onto your space.