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Andy’s Answers: How H&R Block uses social media to help customers through the stress of tax season

H&R Block’s Jennifer Love joined us at BlogWell to share how they’re using a wide range of channels and content to get back to basics: improving the customer experience.

Love focused on how they’ve moved away from the “coolness factor” strategies — things such as Second Life and viral videos — to content and timely communications that actually help the customer during tax season.

A few of her great takeaways:

  • Making customers happy in social media pays off. In one example Love shared, a happy customer who posted a picture with their favorite H&R Block tax rep on Facebook along with a nice thank you led to 25 tax returns from other customers.
  • Listen at the end of the customer service experience, not just the beginning. At H&R Block, not only are they listening for the initial issues customers have, but they’re also listening to customers after they’ve helped them. Because they’re dealing with complex issues, they want to make sure the customer has a good experience throughout the tax return process.
  • Use a mix of bandwidth strategies. Love’s team takes advantage of one-to-one communication channels (with their Get It Right Community), one-to-many channels (such as Twitter, Facebook, and their blog), and sharable content for their talkers (such as research and YouTube content for bloggers and journalists to post).

Watch Love’s case study: