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Andy’s Answers: How Intel is scaling its social listening and engagement program

Intel’s primary focus throughout the rest of this year and into 2012 is to scale social media globally. At a company with 80,000 employees, spanning dozens of languages and cultures, this requires a high levels of planning, coordination and training.

At our recent BlogWell event in San Francisco, Intel’s Becky Brown took us behind the scenes of how the company is building out its listening and engagement strategies to meet the needs of its teams worldwide. A few take-aways from her presentation:

  • Centralize, consolidate and focus. Intel has one Facebook page for each country, each with a dedicated community manager. This is a big shift from a few months ago when the company had 250 pages and no central strategy —  and it’s creating better conversations and developing a much bigger fan base.
  • Think like a publisher. Brown is working hard to encourage storytellers from within Intel — the people who really know technology — to create content. Her team even sought advice from publishing partners on how to manage it all and develop editorial calendars.
  • Make it easy to get everyone involved. At Intel, every employee in every department can have an opportunity to contribute to social media — so the company invested in building great training programs and establishing clear and simple guidelines on engagement.

Watch Brown’s presentation. Slides are available.