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Andy’s Answers: How The Land of Nod makes the most of customer reviews

The Land of Nod — a high-end children’s furniture retailer — started featuring customer reviews on its website in March 2008. Putting up the opinions of your customers for the world to see can be an intimidating concept for anyone, but for The Land of Nod, it’s made a huge impact on driving participation and engagement.

And as most great brands find out, the vast majority of Land of Nod customers love the retailer : 90% of reviews are four or five stars, and 36% of reviewers leave multiple reviews.

At our recent Word of Mouth Supergenius event, The Land of Nod’s Michelle Kohanzo and Bazaarvoice’s Sam Decker shared their presentation on how they’re making the most of customer reviews. A few of their big ideas:

  • Post-purchase e-mails are great ways to get reviews. About 10 days after a customer purchases at The Land of Nod, they send an e-mail asking for a reviews. Because the customers have had time to really use the products, Michelle says, this is where their most genuine feedback comes from.
  • The negative reviews are the most valuable. The five-star reviews are great, but Sam says the real business is in the one-star reviews because they’re the ones that teach you the most about your products.
  • It’s not about getting the reviews, it’s about what you’re doing with the feedback. At The Land of Nod, the company treats reviews as being as important as phone calls. If someone reports a negative experience, the team will reach out to the customer, follow up to learn more and, when possible, make things right.

If you like this presentation, check out our upcoming Word of Mouth Supergenius event in New York on July 20.

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