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Andy’s Answers: How to make your talkers feel fantastic

Treat your talkers well — they’re literally the force behind your word mouth. Without them, the conversation stalls and nobody is talking about you. It doesn’t take much and it isn’t complicated, but it’s important to show love for your fans.

What to do:

  • Say thanks. Saying thank you publicly and often is a great way to show off your fans to the world, as well as to encourage quieter fans to speak up.
  • Share exclusive stuff. Give your talkers the friends-and-family discounts, the sneak peeks, the early samples and the geeky info. They’ll love sharing the news and special deals with their networks.
  • Seek their advice. Your biggest fans want to see you succeed and would be thrilled to help you better design your latest widget or test your new gizmo. When you finally launch it publicly, you’ve already got an army of enthusiasts saying, “I helped make that awesome!”