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Andy’s Answers: How the National Association of Realtors used social to take conventions to a bigger audience

The National Association of Realtors hosts two big conferences a year. One brings in 10,000 attendees; the other tops out at about 20,000.

But the association has 1.1 million members. Although those attendance numbers are big, there’s a significant number of members who don’t make the conferences.

In his recent BlogWell presentation, the association’s Todd Carpenter walked us through how the group used a small investment in social media coverage to earn a 10-fold increase in traffic and take events to a much bigger audience.

A few of Carpenter’s take-aways:

  • Recruit a few talkers to share their experience. The National Association of Realtors created a blog on which select attendees can share their conference experience. It got these members more involved and meant this content was shared with their large social following.
  • Facebook photos allow for a real-time feel. Carpenter and his team made it easy for attendees to share photos via Facebook, which created more of a “live” feeling compared with a website such as Flickr, on which attendees tend to upload photos after they get home (if they upload them at all).
  • Think about the next event. Not only did all of this content take the association’s conferences to a bigger audience, but it also gave the group tools to promote its next big event.

Watch Carpenter’s case study. Slides are available.