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Andy’s Answers: How Old Navy keeps it simple on Facebook (and still sees results)

There are lots of examples of great corporate Facebook pages out there — H&R Block’s, Dell’s, and Best Buy’s come to mind. But Old Navy, on the other hand, shows us how a Facebook page can be successful without being complicated. If you don’t have the resources or need for a complex page with lots of features, consider taking a few lessons from Old Navy.

What to do:

  • Regularly offer fans a coupon. Each week, Old Navy posts a new “Weekly Deal” — and their Facebook fans go nuts over it.
  • Make everything an event. When Old Navy is running a big in-store sales promotion, they’ll create it as an “Event” on Facebook and invite their fans. Each time one of their 250,000 fans registers for it, all of their friends see it — that’s a lot of free impressions!
  • Share all your ads. Old Navy posts all of their commercials in the “Video” section of their Facebook page, where fans add comments and further share them with their Facebook networks.