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Andy’s Answers: How social media became a fundamental resource at Intel

As one of the early adopters of social media, Intel is one of the most experienced big brands using these tools.

In his BlogWell case study, Intel’s Bryan Rhoads shared how their social-media program is maturing into a core resource for their brand. A few of his key points:

  • Use G.R.O.W. to build a social-media campaign. Brian’s acronym starts with “grassroots” (learning from pioneers); followed by “results” (pilot projects) and “operationalizing” (creating governance and guidance); and ends with “widespread” (establishing global strategies).
  • Create a great training program. Intel has one of the most sophisticated social-media training programs of any big brand, featuring everything from training on tools, to policy discussions, to best practices.
  • Use simple engagement guidelines. Intel’s policies boil down to basic premises: Individuals are taught to stick to their subject matter expertise, to speak in first-person and to use basic disclaimers when appropriate.

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