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Andy’s Answers: How social media works offline, too

For a couple of years now, brands have been focused on how to take their otherwise offline personalities into this new territory. But that’s only half of the opportunity! Try out these simple techniques to connect with your current and potential online fans in the offline world.

What to do:

  • Get them together, offline. The South by Southwest festival is the biggest meet-up event of otherwise solely online friends in the world. At SXSW, everyone connects and develops stronger friendships. Throw your own, miniature SXSW for your online fans and watch how excited they get.
  • When offline, point them online. We’re so focused on getting our online friends to see us offline, we forget to invite our offline friends to join us online. Maybe it’s as simple as a sticker near the register displaying your Twitter name, or as complex as a discount to anyone who joins your Facebook group while in the store. Whatever it is, take your offline friendships online.
  • Integrate social media at events and stores. Give online fans a reason to visit your events and store locations by making them physical “hubs” for your online presences. Again, could be as simple as a “meet our social media team” promotion, to an all-out live Twitter or video stream from your store or event.