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Andy’s Answers: How SunGard is building business-to-business communities

Anyone who’s built a successful community of any kind knows it’s not an overnight project. It takes commitment, hard work and plenty of trial and error — whether you’re a solo blogger or a billion-dollar software brand like SunGard.

In her BlogWell case study presentation, SunGard’s Leah Patterson explained how the brand is building its internal and external communities from the ground up — and how it is finding a lot of early success.

A few of Patterson’s tips:

  • Start experimenting internally. SunGard started with an internal community hosted on Yammer that today has more than 10,000 employees participating in more than 550 groups.
  • Earn buy-in by getting leadership involved. SunGard’s CEO has started using the company’s internal network to share the feedback he’s getting from the customers he meets with every day, as well as to ask for input on company initiatives.
  • Apply what you’ve learned with external communities. Building on its internal success, SunGard has created a series of topic-focused communities for their customers to share ideas, network, and access helpful information.

And if you love this presentation, be sure to check out our upcoming BlogWell in Austin on February 2.