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Andy’s Answers: How Texas Instruments created a unified social media strategy

When Aimee Kalnoskas started her job at Texas Instruments, her position as social Web marketing manager was new to the company. No concrete policies regarding social media had been put into place, and all of the company’s activity on Facebook and Twitter was done independently by the different groups throughout the organization.

With ad hoc social media strategies scattered throughout different networks, Kalnoskas knew that it was time to set up a unified strategy for all of Texas Instruments to follow. At our recent BlogWell event, Kalnoskas shared how they did it.

A few of her tips:

  • Establish a core social media team. Kalnoskas brought in representatives from all the groups in the company who used social media — legal, HR, corporate communications, etc. They worked together to decide on a unified message for the company and shared their best practices for social media.
  • Train conversation agents. There were guidelines in place for employees representing the company online, but Kalnoskas and her team took it further and created a 50-minute training program for all conversation agents to complete to become certified.
  • Create a social media toolkit as a foundation for social media within the organization. Their toolkit includes key contacts, the approval process, a checklist for getting started and best practices for using current accounts.

Watch Kalnoskas’s case study: