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Andy’s Answers: How Turner is thriving as a media company in the social media era

Continuing with our previews for BlogWell in San Diego on February 16 — featuring social media case studies from Starbucks, Clorox, USAA, Intuit, Avery Dennison, Community Medical Centers, State Farm Insurance, and the U.S. Navy — here’s few more big ideas from our last BlogWell, hosted in Atlanta.

In his case study presentation, “A Thriving Media Company in the Social Media Era,” Turner Broadcasting System’s Digital Marketing Director, Seth Miller, explained how — as a largely traditional media company — Turner is finding success by embracing social media. Seth’s big ideas:

  • Support the creativity of your fans. Seth says they’ve had success by highlighting and encouraging the creative spins some fans have published based on Turner’s content.
  • Join existing communities. When Turner discovered fans had already built communities around their content, they realized their biggest opportunity was not in creating new communities, but in supporting established ones.
  • It’s not how loud you can be, it’s how targeted you can be. Seth explains that it’s about reaching the people who matter most and that scale will come when people pass along the content themselves.

See the live presentation here:

[vimeo 8429927]

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