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Andy’s Answers: How Tyson Foods is building community around the issue of hunger

Earning trust and credibility within a community can be hard for a brand, especially around a sensitive issue like hunger. But Tyson Foods — which has been involved with hunger relief efforts for nearly a decade — is an example of how to do it right.

In his case study presentation from BlogWell in Cincinnati, Tyson Foods’ Ed Nicholson shares how his company uses social media to connect with this community. A few of his big ideas:

  • Use social media to help archive and add credibility to a cause. Lots of companies get involved in efforts here and there, but social media is helping Tyson Foods create a living archive┬áthat demonstrates the company is in this issue for the long haul.
  • Bring influencers together. Ed collects Twitter handles of people involved in the hunger community and helps them connect with each other. It furthers the cause, and it also allows Tyson Foods to get involved in the conversation.
  • Help the community share their own stories. Tyson Foods created the Hunger All-Stars program, which allows people to go online, share stories and promote the work of the individuals who are doing amazing things to help those in need — and it has received some amazing submissions.

And if you dig this presentation, check out our upcoming BlogWell event in Seattle on May 5.

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