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Andy’s Answers: How word of mouth and social media are changing the world

I’m convinced that word of mouth — amplified by social media — is changing the world. Never before have we seen so many microphones so accessible to so many. There are many revolutions taking place (of which we’re lucky to be a part), but there are a few trends that, above all, stand out to me.

What’s happening:

  • Honesty and transparency are required. Cheaters, liars, and fake reviewers face an army of consumers — all with their own blogs and social networks — ready to call out unethical, phony marketers.
  • Little guys can play with the big guys. Free tools like Twitter and Facebook have leveled the playing field for companies with great stories to share.
  • Good guys win (and bad guys lose). It’s getting harder to fake it. Great companies ran by great people with great products are earning the widespread respect and recommendation of their customers.