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Andy’s Answers: How word of mouth will save your brand

At our Word of Mouth Supergenius conference in Chicago on Dec. 16, I’ll be presenting the keynote, “Love or Marketing? How Word of Mouth Will Save Your Brand,” and I wanted to share a few of my big ideas behind that.

“Love” may be a big, mushy word, but it’s the essence of what causes people to talk about companies. It’s a sustainable, renewable marketing resource that builds with each new fan you earn.

What to remember:

  • This is not about social media. There are five fundamental steps to every word of mouth campaign, and the tools to help people talk are just one component. Earning love is much bigger than this.
  • You can create love and passion for everyday products. Not everybody gets to be an iPhone, but you still have great products that help people solve real problems — it’s about turning those happy customers into regular talkers.
  • Ask: Would anyone tell a friend about this? This is a question that changes companies. Stick this question on a sticky note on your monitor, put it on a sign in your conference room, and find ways to build this question into everything you do.