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Andy’s Answers: How Xerox got everyone involved in social media

Getting lots of teams behind the brand involved in social media can dramatically amplify your company’s voice — but it can also be challenging to get started and difficult to coordinate across business silos.

In his recent BlogWell case study, Xerox’s Duane Schulz explained how a small group of social-media believers got a bunch of departments engaging fans and customers through social media. A few of his big ideas:

  • Find a unifying event. Schulz’s team focused on their ColorQube product launch as an opportunity for social-media integration.
  • A registration process is more efficient than an approval process. Schulz says his team benefits from having established policies that define what they can do rather than an approval process. It makes it easier for social initiatives to move forward while still ensuring brand consistency.
  • Use the momentum. Taking advantage of the brand’s focus on social media, Schulz and his team established a hub-and-spoke organizational model, expanded the social-media marketing team, established further guidelines and registrations, and created a social-media community center.

And if you like this presentation, be sure to check out our upcoming BlogWell in Chicago on Aug. 11.