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Andy’s Answers: Should I use social media even if my customers aren’t online?

Nobody is required to use social media. There are plenty of brands doing just fine without a blog, a Twitter account, or an official Facebook fan page. Just the same, there are plenty of successful brands who Tweet all day while having never sent a piece of direct mail.

And while there are lots of factors involved in determining your level of engagement in social media, remember that there are more opportunities at stake than just reaching your customers.

Influencers in social media to consider:

  • The mainstream media. More and more, journalists from mainstream media outlets rely on social media to find story leads and sources. If you’re not there connecting with these influencers, you may be missing opportunities to increase exposure and brand awareness.
  • Your industry’s analysts. Even if your customers aren’t online, your industry’s biggest influencers probably are. They’re the ones doing the deep research for their trade publications, their studies, and their newsletters — much of which takes place through social channels.
  • Your suppliers and strategic partners. If the people you rely on to deliver your gizmos to the market are online, there’s a good chance you should be too. These channels are where they’re first publishing their market research, unveiling their new technology, and making connections around industry innovations.

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