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Andy’s Answers: Use Facebook to get people talking about you

Most of you are familiar with Facebook for interacting with friends and family. But when it comes to businesses using Facebook, there’s a lot of missed opportunities. Try a few simple techniques to keep the Facebook conversation about you fresh, fun, and interesting.

What to do:

  • Find established, relevant groups. There’s probably already an existing group talking about you or your industry. Reach out to these groups and offer special deals or inside information — the moderators and group members will love to see you show your appreciation.
  • Share something once a day. In very little time, you can use Facebook to point to a sale you’re having or a new product. Keep a constant stream of tidbits flowing to keep things fresh.
  • Tag your fans in photos. If you’ve got photos with your fans in them, upload them to Facebook and tag everyone. When you do, all of their friends will be notified that you’ve included them in a photo.