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Andy’s Answers: What do we do about employees who are already using social media?

It’s funny to watch big companies struggle with a social media strategy–because one-third to one-half of your employees are already using Facebook, MySpace, and blogs.  Trying to figure this out inside an isolated marketing meeting doesn’t make sense, because your most experienced social media people are scattered throughout the company.  Your employees are the engine that is going to drive your new corporate project to a much bigger audience.

What To Do:

  • Tell everyone it’s OK. Your best social media experts are probably hiding their blogs from you because they think you won’t approve.  Let that talent come into the open by inviting widespread participation.
  • Create a simple policy. A basic disclosure policy tells everyone the ground rules, increases comfort, and decreases risk.  Use the Blog Council’s toolkit at (Disclosure: I’m the CEO).
  • Have an audition. Invite the entire company to audition to be official bloggers. It’ll be fun, it demonstrates your commitment to social media, and you’ll find that receptionist who is your next great marketer.