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Andy’s Answers: What questions should I be asking before launching my social media program?

The social Web is a pretty wide open space, which can make keeping your program on course a challenge. If you’re thinking of launching a social media program, there are a few fundamental questions you should always work into the planning stages. If considered early, these questions will help keep things on track and keep it measurable.

The big questions:

  • Where are we now? Answers to this question will result in some baseline metrics and an assessment of your current online assets — all of which are critical when developing your next program.
  • Where are we going? This question gets everyone thinking about the long-term goals without focusing on specific strategies or platforms. In the early stages, you need big picture thinking, not near-sighted tactics.
  • How does this integrate with our other programs? The best social media programs operate as ecosystems — generating benefits across many departments. The more opportunities you can identify to integrate your efforts with other teams in the company, the more support you’ll have getting your initiative off the ground.

Suggestions? What early questions do you ask when building a social media strategy?

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