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Andy’s Answers: Why trust is everything in social media

If you work in word of mouth and social media, you’re in the trust business.

It’s this trust that earns you the respect and recommendation of your fans — and it’s where all great word-of-mouth and social-media programs begin.

In my recent BlogWell presentation, I shared a few of the fundamentals on how to earn trust:

  • Never pay for love. When you pay for an endorsement, it tarnishes not only that referral — but every future one afterwards. When fans know you sometimes pay for love, it’s hard to trust any of your recommendations.
  • Use a real disclosure every time. It’s as simple and plain English as the phrase, “My name is ___ and I represent ______.” Make it clear and make it obvious.
  • Don’t lie to your mother. Whatever you’re doing, your intentions and your affiliations should be understandable to the average reader. If your own mother would be confused by what you’re doing, ask yourself, “Why are we lying to our moms?”

If you like this presentation, be sure to check out our upcoming BlogWell in Chicago on Aug. 11.