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Andy’s Answers: Word of mouth and social media for business-to-business

One of the common questions I always hear after a speech or a presentation is: “Does any of this word of mouth and social media stuff work for BtoB’s?”

My answer: “Yep. It’s exactly the same.”

What motivates people to engage you online and to talk about your stuff is the same as in any industry. It’s not about the product; it’s about the people.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Your potential clients are using social media. Whether privately or for business, odds are, your current and potential customers are already engaged in social media, sharing information and talking about you. You need to be there, too.
  • All the rules are the same. Just like with business-to-consumer companies in social media, you’re expected to be polite, human, and to share relevant stuff.
  • It’s OK to start small. You don’t need to be everywhere from the very beginning. Maybe you start with your own blog, or maybe you simply begin commenting in relevant forums and other blogs. Whatever you do, share great stuff and give people a reason to talk about you.